El Niño Del Tambor Song Lyrics

Carla Morrison – El Niño Del Tambor Lyrics

“The Drum Child”

The road leading to Bethlehem goes
down to the valley where the snow covered.
The shepherds want to see their King,
they bring gifts in their humble wallet
to the Redeemer, the Redeemer.

I would like to put at your feet
some present that pleases you Lord,
but You already know that I am poor too,
and I have but an old drum.
(Rom pom pom pom, rom pom pom pom)
In your honor in front of the portal I will play
with my drum!

The road that leads to Bethlehem
I mark with my old drum,
there is nothing better that I can offer,
its husky accent is a song of love
to the Redeemer, the Redeemer.

When God saw me touching before He smiled at me